Hi, my name is Ladeena. I’m just a simple soul who enjoys nature, music, colors and the pursuit of perfect syntax. Actively I seek and find the best in everyone and every situation I encounter: tracking down the silver lining in difficult circumstances; ferreting out blessings and hilarity in the midst of the mundane.

Perhaps you’re looking to experience a bit more joy┬áin your life. Or you’re looking for encouragement, some smidgen of hope in a world gone crazy. My aim is to provide all of the above — as one humble soul to another. Even if you are the only person who is encouraged through my electronic endeavor, this blog will be well worth the effort.

Since the age of 13, I have been inspired to write hundreds of poems. Most are faith-based, because I am a follower of Christ. That being said, I simply wish to share some of my thoughts and struggles, in the hopes that you will identify with some of them and realize you aren’t alone in yours. Even if you aren’t particularly religious, my goal is to inspire you; or at the very least, serve up some food for thought as you walk along your own life’s path.

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